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Theodore Roosevelt, China, and the Ships at India House  


The New York Times

on Margaret Stocker's research
for a book on the Collection at
India House:
Saving China's Art:  The Heiress,
the Diplomat and the
'American Emperor.'
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The Birth of India House

The White House Globe


'The 'Real Dope!'

Willard Straight in Korea


9/11 Remembrance at Brick Church

Marks Tenth Anniversary on September 11, 2011

...A rescue worker, while putting his own life at risk, had spray-painted it with the instruction
Entering the fiery ‘Ground Zero' to rescue survivors, retrieve victims and extinguish fires, one of these private citizens saw something in a piece of twisted steel worth saving…. . Click Here

…To remember forward is to recall life lost in a way that moves beyond sentiment and nostalgia for the past. It's an invitation to remember in a way that shapes the future…(to) remember the incredible sense of national, even global, unity which emerged following the attacks. It was fleeting, but it  was  palpable, and because it  was ,  it can yet be…”

For UNITED BY HOPE, a sermon by Rev. Michael L. Lindvall,
in recognition of the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11,2001

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The India House Foundation
‘Saves’ a piece of Steel from the World Trade Center
as a reminder of our Mission to
Document and Preserve Maritime History and
Help Revitalize Lower Manhattan.
Steel ‘M23’ has been on public display at India House,
New York Fire Museum and Brick Presbyterian Church


World Trade Center Steel ‘M23’
photo by Robert Schwinger  2010

Kent Barwick – Municipal Art Society President Emeritus
Kent Barwick honors Peter Stanford at India House for exhibit
“Ships, Explorers and the World Trade Center”

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   Dwight Demeritt, Jr. Esq.

  Gerard Fernandez, Jr, Esq.,

   Svend Hansen, Jr.,

   Niels W. Johnsen, President

   Marshall P. Keating, Esq.,

   Captain James J. McNamara,

   Christopher C. Schwabacher, Esq.

   Margaret D. Stocker




A public exhibition February 2-28, 2010, was curated by Margaret Stocker, Trustee, India House Foundation, and hosted by India House Inc., One Hanover Square, New York City.
The India House Foundation sponsored research and Conserved objects found on the site of the World Trade Center from1916 to 2001.  The exhibit seeks to separate fact from fiction surrounding some of New York’s oldest maritime relics. More


Fitz Henry Lane, American Luminist Painter

For recent breakthoughs in Fitz Henry Lane scholarship see: The Magazine Antiques, Collectors Notes by Eleanor Gustafson

"Fitz Who Lane?" by Sarah Dunlap and Stephanie Buck,  The Magazine Antiques, June 2005.

"Another piece in the Fitz Henry Lane name puzzle" by Margaret Stocker, The Magazine Antiques, August 2007.



For newly discovered Lane in the South Street Seaport Museum see: Seaport Summer 2007, “The Ship is Ready” by Margaret Stocker

Cape Ann Historical Museum and Spanierman Gallery, NYC, 2007 exhibition: “Fitz Henry Lane and Mary Mellen: Old Mysteries and New Discoveries” curated by John Wilmerding.



Fitz Henry Lane scholar John Wilmerding with India House Foundation Trustee Margaret Stocker at fundraiser "The Mysteries of Fitz Henry Lane" at India House January 31, 2007. Stocker and Wilmerding are collaborating on a history of the Maritime Collection at India House for publication in 2014 through the India House Foundation.




"A Celebration of the Clipper Ship FLYING CLOUD"

October 10, 2007, Fundraiser

Arthur Donovan's Address "A Celebration of the Clipper Ship FLYING CLOUD"

Stephen Perkins' remarks "FLYING CLOUD and The First Female Navigator, my ancestor Eleanor Creesy" 1854

The India House Foundation and Bowne House Historical Society Thanks the following Individuals & Institutions for their Generous Support




Cadets from the Maritime College, State University of New York, Fort Schuyler, attended the October 10, 2007 fundraiser "A Celebration of America's Clipper Ship FLYING CLOUD" as the guests of the India House Foundation.Standing: Keynote speaker Arthur Donovan, Emeritus Professor, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, King's Point, Captain Eric Johanssen, Professor, Fort Schuyler, and Rosemary Vietor, President of the Bowne House Historical Society, event partners, in

front of ship models of the FLYING CLOUD and FLYING FISH, contenders in 1854 for the fastest voyage by sail between New York and San Francisco. Arthur Donovan and Joe Bonney’s most recent book on maritime history is “The Box that Changed the World: Fifty Years of Container Shipping – An Illustrated History”, 2006.




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